Why your restaurant needs a virtual brand

Today’s customers don’t mind ordering from places they’ve never attempted before, so creating an actual brand has multiple benefits 토토사이트

Dominate delivery platforms. Possessing more brands means having more visibility on platforms. If you are present on these delivery platforms, you will appear once on each. But what if you could show up two or three times?

Increase Sales. Having three brands on each platform translates into three times the coverage and potentially three times the orders and, consequently, the sales

Optimize your kitchen space. If your kitchen has the capacity to prepare more food, why not take advantage of it?

Limit waste and leverage your inventory. You can create a virtual brand with the ingredients you already use, optimizing your resources.

Investigation with your product. Possessing an extra brand will enable you to try modern ideas and new plates without altering what people like about your main category.

Multiply your return on investment. The idea is to use the resources you already have (space, staff, ingredients) to significantly increase your revenues.

How to create a virtual brand in 5 steps

The magic of virtual brands is the ease with which they can be created

The whole concept revolves around the idea of ​​making extra money with the resources already available. Let’s analyze the five steps needed to create a virtual brand for your restaurant.

The study of the market

If you are reading this, you most likely own a restaurant that does home delivery. This means that you already know your target.

Before launching your virtual brand, it’s important to think about the customers you want to attract with your product. Browse the online platforms and start asking yourself a few questions: What type of cuisine is popular in your area ? What is missing? Can you identify the type of clientele that is not being satisfied?

If you see that there are many burgers, for example, this is probably not the best idea for a virtual brand. It is however a reflection of the cuisine that people in your area enjoy. So how about launching a brand of wraps or sandwiches?