What To Look For In A Store That Sells Fake Pee

If you are looking for a store that sells fake pee, make sure you know what features to look for to ensure they have high-quality products that don’t fill your bladder with chemicals. The first thing to look at is the price. If they are not selling the product online and it seems either unreasonably low or unreasonably high, then it may be best not to buy there. This same offer applies if their prices seem way out of line with other brands of urinalysis products. 


Next, you should look at the materials used in their fake urine kit samples. If they use inferior material, their product will show up quickly as lousy odor and color change over time. There is a big difference between real and fake pee.


The last thing you need to look for in a quality urinalysis products store is the material of the container. If it says medical-grade plastic but looks or feels like a cheap $10 bottle, you may want to keep shopping. Merely reading that the product has medical-grade plastic does not mean it is good enough for drug tests. Some companies will spend money on making sure they have good ingredients but not making sure they get high-quality containers, lids, and caps that could allow human fluids to come into contact with their product.


synthetic urine

If you are going to buy in a store, make sure you check out their product. Some will only sell fake pee online and have people coming in and paying to take the labels off their products. This is not a good sign. The same goes for asking them to get the urine out of the bottle (which could double as a way to put some off-colored urine into the bottle) and then selling it on the spot to people who are not professionals. Shop around for whatever you want and then buy wherever makes you mad. Not buying from these stores is no better than buying from someone without standards.


The most important thing to know when buying fake pee is that urine drug tests can be made to work. A lot of them have been. The problem is that it is not easy, especially regarding testing for marijuana (THC). It can be challenging and require a lot of practice. If you are thinking about trying to fool a drug test, do not think you can do it for $10-$20. It might work for one or two people but not most people, and not the professionals who use this product regularly.