Types of electrical contractors in Charleston, WV

Electrical contractors are classified as one of three types: interior electricians, exterior electricians, or integrated design systems electricians. The types of labour performed by an electrician vary between the three groups. Many building projects need the services of all three categories of electrical contractors in Charleston, WV.

Inside Contractors in Electrical

Inside electrical contractors operate on the inside of a house or building as well as outside around the structure’s perimeter. The wire and assemble items such as power outlets, ceiling lights, and patio lighting. Some electrical contractors in Charleston, WV help homeowners, building owners, and building builders with the planning and design of new electric wiring. Inside electricians maintain existing electrical fixtures and remove or repair faulty electrical wiring or fixtures.

Consider some of the tasks that an inside electrician is contracted to do to get a sense of how diversified their job is. A building contractor, for example, would engage an inside electrician to construct the cabling and electric outlets in a new structure. An indoor electrician can be hired by a household to construct a light fixture or a 220-volt electrical socket to power an air conditioning unit or laundry dryer. A landscaping business may hire an indoor electrician to construct landscape lighting or electrical cable to power a new swimming pool’s lights and pump system.

electrical contractorsElectrical Contractors from Outside

Outside electricians, sometimes known as line contractors or linemen, work with high-voltage transmission lines that transport energy from the power grid to buildings and homes. The electricity system is a network of power lines, substations, and power systems that transport energy from a power plant to a town.

Linemen are responsible for the installation, repair, and replacement of greater power transmission lines. When a lightning strike knocks out electricity in a neighbourhood, the electric company dispatches a crew of outside electricians to find and fix the source of the problem. Some line contractors operate in power plants, where they monitor electrical output, maintain electric producing equipment, and troubleshoot and fix problematic equipment.

Contractors for Integrated Building Systems

IBS electricians, sometimes known as voice/data/video electrical (VDV) contractors, generally work with technologies that make residences and offices functioning abodes and workspaces. IBS electricians, like inside contractors, operate on the inside and outside of houses and structures, installing technological items like wireless networks, fibre optic networks, backup power supply, security systems, and climate controls.