The workshops for Digital printings

The traditional printing is cheaper than the digital printing and the traditional printing used plates in the offset printing and manually make the words whereas now a day the printing sector is taken over by the digital printing which have saved the labor with lesser man power it can do. The digital based image is printed directly to variety of media is called as digital printing. The singapore printing companies is a professional printing somewhat like printing desktop

Working procedures:

The digital printing gives a good turn around and time is lesser and cost effective too got the users because of which commercial digital printers are set up. The most widely used process is inkjet and laser printers in which toner and pigments are used to print on the paper, glass, metal, canvas, marbles. The singapore printing companies has digital printing where the conventional old methods use to have lithography, flexography, gravure and letterpress and plates are involved this was time taking and tedious process for the consumer.

Digital format printings:

Fine art printing and inkjet:

In this process the image can be refined using various software’s and prepress proofing and can be made so prices will all the precision in printing. The output is considered to be crystal clear and same as the original work the process it bit costlier than the traditional method. The printing from the computer image directly is called as inkjet or fine art printing. But the asset is no plates are involved and precision is so high than the conventional technique.

Some of the artist will always try experimental patterns to give a better look and before printing out a in mixed works in media. Many prints store offers services to photographers, digital artist, painters worldwide. The digital printing allows the output of many digitals are which reflects to look like finished piece or further art piece.

Digital Printing by laser exposure:

The printing technology have gone very advanced   grown significantly in quality and size of the prints. The quality of the print is very high and the output is same as the original. The laser is exposes to print the digital image using true, photographic light sensitive paper and it is further processed in developers and fixers. The images which come in the out puts are the true photographs and have precise image details as the original picture.


 The advancement of technology has helped to make more advancement in the printing world. The traditional printing technology is over taken by the digital printing technology as it requires less manpower and so tedious as the traditional printing techniques. The digital technology is more advanced cost effective less time consuming and higher in quality and sizes can vary as per the requirements.