Electric Fireplace Designs that you need to know

The first factor to consider when selecting a new electric fireplace is the style. You have a lot of design freedom with your fireplace since you can pick from a variety of various forms, sizes, and designs, as well as the sort of flame and fuel bed it has. Stove-style electric fireplaces resemble classic wood-burning stoves in appearance and feel. They are freestanding, which means they may be simply moved between areas in your home. These versions are ideal if you want the look of a fireplace but don’t want to deal with the trouble of acquiring actual logs or cleaning up nasty ash. More costly versions may have features such as opening doors, which allow you can see more of the flames. Many suites may be placed immediately by just pulling them from their packaging and laying them flat against the wall. If you want your suite fireplace to seem thinner, you may need to recess it into a small hollow in the wall. You can also buy aflamo online.


For individuals who want a less visible fireplace, inset or insert fires are a preferable alternative. Typically, they are placed by inserting them into a hole or hollow in your wall. This cavity might be a fireplace surround or the area where an old fireplace used to be. Many inset fireplaces come with ‘spacer kits’ that you may use to make the fireplace freestanding if you are unable to build an appropriate cavity.

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If you want a fireplace that doesn’t take up a lot of area, wall-mounted fireplaces are another fantastic alternative. Some of these versions are freestanding, while others are built-in. They allow you to have a sleek, visually beautiful fireplace without having to take up any floor space. These fireplaces may also be mounted and dismounted with great simplicity. Check aflamo


Basket flames resemble an open fireplace. If you want your fireplace to seem rustic and real, this is a perfect option. Some basket-style electric fireplaces come with an optional imitation ash bed to add to the realism.

Bar Radiant

Radiant bar fireplaces utilise radiant heat. This sort of electric fireplace produces quick cosy warmth that spreads across the room. They are another choice for people searching for an electric fireplace in a traditional, historical appearance.