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Honda being the multinational company manufacturer of automobiles, power,equipment’s, motorcycles is considered to be the largest manufactures of motorcycles and car engines world.wide. The honda fresno is one kind of a real sealer of the used cars most of   this car will have one or more previous owners. These cars are sold   mostly to a car dealer or a to a company which rents his cars in which the buyer has to pay for the dealerships. Some cars are sold for continues leasing to big offices and private party companies for resale.

Service on pre-ownedcars:

The honda fresno looks after the car buyers or retailers likethey have an option on the haggles prices which are certified cares which are already preowned. These cars have a good features of service plans which are extended and the parts, spares, body covered, materials of the car are covered under pre-defined warranties which is also called as extended warranty. With additional features the cars are prepared for resale in the resale industry.

Standard in Preowned cars:

The standard is same as the original one which has no difference in maintenance and beauty, sophistication of the car instead it is just named as preowned as it is already being used by one or two users. The preowned cars just need to be in running condition to be certify by the dealer to resale the car for others.

How the preowned car industry works:

This varies from place to place as the amount depends on the income of the place.  The depreciation values also depend on the export or import of the first party car. The major factor plays important role in used car industry is the depreciation value which decided the value of the used car by the re buyers Once the car is out from the show room the depreciation value of the car will start various other factors are miles are kilometres driven by the first user, age of the car, model of the car and manufacturing date, proper maintenance of the documentation.  timely maintained of the insurances, damages and accidents denting like paintings, accessories installation and overall maintained of the care in the usage tenure will decide the rate of the car from the buyer and once bought the resale will take care of the all the aspects and make ready to resale its other person. All the repair which are being assessed from the older costumer are remade in the service station to make it ready for the resale and the cost incurred will be included in the cost to resale.


The term preowned means that the car has been owned before by one or two user and resold back to the dealer for resale. The cars are certified used cars which are preowned before. Nowadays the certified owned before or preowned care become more popular.  The preowned word came into existence instead of used car as it is one of a technique of marketing the old used cars to the buyers.