A Customers’ Guide to First Time Korean Massage

A Korean spa is currently becoming a fast-growing trend for those who are looking for a beneficial way to relax after a long day at work. If you want to remove all the stresses in your body with peace of mind that you are also benefiting mentally and physically,  then you should consider trying Korean spa and 마사지 or massage services.

Getting To Know Korean Spas

Korean Spa or “jjimjilbang” is all about providing relaxing massage and spa services through different types of massages, relaxing pools, dry and wet saunas, some traditional Korean food, and various skin and beauty treatments. Most Korean spas are open 24/7 so they can accommodate their customers at any time of the day. So even if you get off from work late, you can still take the time to relax here.

Korean Spa and Massage – What to Expect?

Once you are sure that you are ready to try Korean Spa, then you need to know how to prepare yourself before your appointment. If you are coming in from work, make sure that you change into something comfortable before you step into the spa.

  • What to Bring. You can bring a moisturizer and a change of clothes too. If you will be lounging in the pool or the sauna, you can bring something to read to keep you entertained. Although the Korean spa might have some magazines for you, it is still best to bring something that would interest you.
  • Change, Shower, and Scrub. When you arrive at the spa, you will be requested to change into a pair of pajama-like clothes provided by the staff. Once you have showered and scrubbed down thoroughly, you can then choose to dip into the pool or try to wet or dry saunas. If you want to request add-on services like skin treatment, make sure that you request it before you head to shower.

Types of Services Offered

There are also other rooms that you can try like the red clay room where you get to submerge into marble-sized clay balls that gives your muscles a good massage. This is the most recommended for first-timers. You can also give the salt room a go if you want to enjoy its purifying benefits. The gem room is offered to those who believe in crystal healing.

The ‘water level’ is basically the pool that you can dip into. They vary in temperature, from the hottest to the coldest depending on what you prefer. There’s nothing much to do here. Typically, you just sit, relax, or float around for at least half an hour.

Korean Spa – Give Yourself Time To Relax

Taking a day off and going to the spa is what you need to relax and free your body from the pain caused by stress. If you want to give Korean spa services a try, you have to make sure that you know what to expect. Korean spa and massage are quite different from the traditional ones that you are probably used to. So do further research and call beforehand to inquire about the services they offer.